Everyone is welcome to stitch along!

Everyone is welcome to stitch along!
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cookie Making~cross stitchy style

I love making cookies, baking, fixing food in the kitchen. I love it when the kids are home from college and eat, laugh and visit...all in the kitchen.

It is wonderful!
I've found kids talk about all kinds of things...bare their souls so to speak...when they are eating, or munching....
I learned this years ago...to have cookies for them after school and they start talking as soon as they start eating!



  1. Hi Debbie! Cookie making??.. Why that's my favorite subject!.. And yes, I agree.. If Dear Son is going to open up and talk at all, he has always been most talkative at the dinner table! (a way to a man's heart??) He's getting better though. I feel like he's starting to realize that maybe it's not so weird to talk to Mom about things!.. well.. SOME things at least! Have a good night, and a great weekend! ~tina

  2. Your stitching is darling! Milk & cookies is a surely to spark a great conversation :)

  3. I had never thought about that-since I don't have kids-but I'll remember that when I'm with my neices and nephews!

  4. i love your post! thanks for sharing... God bless you...