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Everyone is welcome to stitch along!
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Friday, June 11, 2010

Cardiff~Strength in the midst of a storm....

Pray for God's destiny~
We had a miracle with a couple of our children~ The oldest was born and not expected to live....the first night Doctors gave us a very hopeless report.....
he just graduated from college, is happily married and is in the ministry. The second one from the get go we were told had a myriad of health issues...every doctor visit was dreaded because of things we would hear.
We were told he probably had Lymphoma, would never see normal, was unhealthy, wouldn't have a normal life~
Not one thing the doctors said came to pass. Early on in our children's lives we decided we would pray for them~safety, protection...and that they would serve God....successfully...fervently.
We prayed that they would fulfill God's destiny for their lives and that their lives would not be cut short....
we taught them to navigate through difficult waters...and not to let a storm dictate their direction in life.

Cardiff by the Sea~we named our son Cardiff, it means strong fortress by the water....
Here is my 21 year old fortress, one of my blessings, with his little sister, no sickness, very healthy, absolutely amazing....couldn't ask for a more wonderful son....he has learned to navigate well through rough waters.
He is currently heading up a missions team in Paraguay and loving it. Thank you God for not listening to the Doctor either.

Don't ever let anyone but God dictate your kids destiny~you pray and get the gameplan. Then like a coach you tell your kids....this is how we are going to play the game~




  1. Now this post... It touches my heart, brings a lump to my throat, and a tear to my eyes.. And I won't soon forget it!.. I have to thank you Debbie!.. and Cardiff! I will remember the power of prayer, I will remain confident, and it does my heart good to hear how well your kids are doing today! ((hugs)) ~tina

  2. Awesome! But then, God IS awesome!


  3. Your children are beautiful! Doctors don't know everything - God does!

    Your post reminds us all to pray and have faith.

    Thank-you for sharing your story and family with us!

    Smiles - Denise

  4. Amazing and wonderful story. He is good looking and such a lovely couple.
    God is good!

    Thank you for sharing. I'm blessed and reminded to pray for my children unceasingly. And to spend more time on my knees.