Everyone is welcome to stitch along!

Everyone is welcome to stitch along!
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Breakfast Blessing

Good morning. One blessing I've thought over is making breakfast for our kids when they were growing up. They loved pancakes and loved the smell of them cooking on the griddle.

Our boys would go outside to do chores, early in the morning before school...gathering eggs, throwing hay to the cows and sheep...making sure everything was watered..
then they would come in for breakfast. I loved making pancakes for them..it was hot, easy and quick. I would always say a prayer over them as I washed their dishes after they had left for school. I still pray for them. I guess a mother never quits praying!

I used an old crockery bowl that has somehow become my favorite. I still use the bowl, now my parents are living with us and the kids are away at college, so it gets used quite frequently...just not for pancakes. But it gives me happy memories looking at it.


  1. your postings always make me smile.

  2. That's a beautiful memory, Debbie! I really loved that!... I remember some mornings where I would feel like "ugh, I have to make lunches", for the kids to take to school, but I would always put my mind back in check, because someday I knew I would not get to make these lunches anymore.. then I remembered to love and appreciate making them again! ~tina