Everyone is welcome to stitch along!

Everyone is welcome to stitch along!
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Picket fences, overflowing flowers...

Picket fences...overflowing flowers, roses, honeysuckle...all make for a farmhouse cottage garden. We've been so blessed to live in the country. We are in reality only 35 minutes from Palm Springs. Up in the mountains....sometimes we seem so far away from the hustle and bustle of the city....
but not really. We chose to live further away...to make the daily drive. It would be nice to live close to everything...just a few minutes away...
But we wanted to raise our kids in a rural area...wanted them
to do daily chores
see animals being born
eat fresh eggs
wanted to teach them to work
plant things then experience the joy of eating them...

see the first signs of spring when little green buds pierce through the dirt straining to reach the sunlight!
All these things we wanted our kids to know about...
that there is more to life than what they see indoors...
I wanted the outdoors to call
their names...

I'm missing my kids (big smile) now that they are gone to college, one is married, one is going to Brazil for a music missions trip...my little soccer poopsie is going to be home for the summer...
But guess who GETS to do their chores now that they are gone? HAHAHA....YES I MISS THEM!

And of course every farmhouse needs a barn!


  1. i really enjoyed this...the flowers, the house and the barn are so sweet!!!! Mica/The Sowing Box

  2. Oh boy, what a great post, Debbie! My youngest is still home, but Dear Daughter is in her own apartment now, and it's been an adjustment for me too! LOVE your 3 new squares! How wonderful for your kids and grandkids someday to look upon your "home" on the farm in this beautiful work you've done! Love that picket fence! ~tina

  3. hi Debbie,
    i love your farmhouse cottage sqr.
    so pretty pampered with roses.
    thankyou for sharing your farmhouse blessings in such a crafy way.

  4. Your blog for today made me smile . . . I had friends who chose te same route as you for the same reasons . . and the end results are fantastic adults rooted in morals and values that others would love to have.